Don't Be Afraid to Fail

Many of my disappointments in life - at least the ones I had control over - can be attributed to fear. Not fear of a particular person, thing, or situation, but simply a fear of failure. Due to my nature as a perfectionist, it's exceptionally difficult to try a task that I very likely will fail at. I'm sure I am not the only with this challenge.

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PyCon 2015

I enjoyed PyCon 2015 in Montreal, Quebec. For those readers that don't know what PyCon is all about, it's a conference for people that use the Python programming language. There are professional developers, students, educators, and people from all walks of life brought together by a common interest in the language.

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Sheets of paper litter the floor and the desk. They are scrawled with primitive drawings of monsters, swords, wizards, and knights. One paper in particular contains a map of a city – painstakingly drawn on graph paper with shops, temples, and dungeon entrance clearly marked down on the legend. On top of the desk is a computer, and I sat there, my fingers typing away at the keyboard, as I looked to the screen and back to the map.

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